Love Like That specializes in marriage enrichment and restoration.

Our ministry is designed to draw couples in to greater intimacy and unity in their marriages.  We believe that God has a purpose and design for marriage that goes far beyond the reality that most couples experience.

Many marriages are in crisis and heading for divorce.  Among intact marriages, there are some who choose to stay together, but they are living separate lives ~ simply roommates who tolerate each other.  There are still others who are able to enjoy moments of love, joy and oneness in their relationship, but their success comes from avoiding and ignoring conflicts, rather than resolving them.  Clearly there are many marriages whose reality does not line up with God’s design!

A marriage that is just okay is not what God intends for you!  If you would like to take your marriage from ordinary to great, we invite you to attend one of our Refresh Your Marriage Retreats.  Together we will discover practical and powerful ways to begin transforming your marriage into the kind of relationship that reveals the goodness, grace and mercy of God.

A “struggling to just get by” existence is a relational trap that can feel impossible to escape. Whether chronic or acute, the pain of marital crisis is debilitating.  But you don’t have to accept that this is just how it will always be!  We hold out hope and life in exchange for the brokenness.  While here with us, we will spend focused time exploring the roots of difficult issues and finding the healing and freedom you long for in your marriage.  When you leave us, you will be equipped with truths and tools to stay the course!

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